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Gmail Account

Creating a Gmail account is the first and foremost step in order to gain access to all the advantages Google has to offer in the aspect of its email platform. Gmail account helps you get a Gmail account without any hassle. With a Gmail account, you can easily keep track of your activities on its subsidiary websites. Such as YouTube, Google Drive, Google AdMob, Google chrome. Gmail is a universal platform on the internet. It also offers storage of up to 15 GB. Your Gmail account allows you to sign in to all domains on the internet. But, to be able to facilitate oneself of all these perks, one needs to set up their Gmail account and that’s when we come into the picture. Keep reading this piece of instruction on how to create and use your Gmail account in all possible means.

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Gmail Sign Up / Create Gmail Account:

To create a Gmail account follow the steps given below.

  • Go to 
  • A page will show up with a login window and under that window, you will find create account option.
  • Click/tap on the create account option. Google will redirect you to Create Your Google Account.

  • gmail-signup
  • Fill in the bars with the relevant information, choose your email address wisely because that’s what you’ll be using to log into your Gmail account.
  • Sometimes, the email address you desire is already taken. In that case, google gives you some close options for email addresses to choose from.
  • Try to insert a challenging password to ensure the safety of your account.
  • Once you’ve completed the information, select NEXT.
  • On the next page, Google will ask you for your phone number and a recovery email address. This information is required for verification purposes as well as to gain your Gmail account back if you forget your Gmail login details.
  • You will also need to provide your DOB and gender. Then select NEXT.
  • The next window will ask you to verify your phone number. Google will send a verification code on your phone number, insert the code and, select VERIFY.
  • After verification, Google will display an undertaking of their terms and conditions of using its Gmail service.
  • I suggest, give that undertaking a thorough read then if you agree, select I Agree. And voila! Your Gmail Account Is all set.

Gmail Account 2-Step Verification:

For an added layer of security, Google has announced its two-factor login verification. Under two factors verification, google will not give access to your Gmail account unless you verify the login with a security code sent to the phone number listed in your account recovery. But, it's not a default setting. If you want to set up two-factor verification then you need to do the following steps.

  • Go to
  • Scroll down, select Get Started.
  • The page will ask you to insert your password if you are logged in already. otherwise, you will have to enter both email and password.
  • Scroll down to, show other options, and select it. Then from the drop-down list select, Text Message, or Voice Call.
  • Insert your phone number and select either of two options: Text Message or Phone Call
  • Enter the code sent to your phone number via text or phone call.
  • There you have it, your Gmail account now is set up on two-step login verification.

Gmail Login via Desktop using Web browser:

Now its time to sign in Gmail account on the desktop.

  • Go to

  • gmail-login
  • Insert your Gmail login details, use either of the Email address or Phone number.
  • Insert your password.
  • Select, NEXT. You will be directed to a Protect Your Account window for verifying your security credentials. Select, Confirm, or Update as per your preference.
  • Now you will have your Gmail inbox displayed before you.

Gmail Login using Mobile Application:

Gmail mobile app provides you a privilege of your Gmail inbox on the tip of your fingers. Whether it’s an important correspondence with a client or you want to send a formal proposal, Gmail mobile app can come incredibly handy in all of your email situations. Here’s how you can log in to the Gmail mobile app. Download the Gmail Mobile App from google app store, select sign in, and insert your login details. You can use either of the two methods to log in to your Gmail account in an app. Via Email address or Phone number.

Now all your email hassles will no longer lag due to unavailability. respond to your emails anywhere, on your phone.

Google Account Login

Since you’ve created your Gmail account, you can sign up in all of the Google subsidiary websites and applications using the same login details as for your Gmail account.

Just use your Gmail account login details to log in to, track your activity and progress on websites such as google play store, google photos, google maps, google ads, YouTube, and many more internet domains.